Shrenik Sadalgi


I'm a software developer, specializing in UI technologies, with a passion for UX. I split my time being a designer and an engineer.

I have a keen interest in User Experience Design, RIA development, entrepreneurial ventures, rapid prototyping, and ideation in the Internet, Social and Mobile space.

VMware Horizon Workspace

VMware Workspace Portal provides an easy way to access virtually any application on any device, while enabling IT to centrally deliver, manage and secure these assets across devices.
Horizon Workspace Application Launcher
Horizon Workspace Application Catalog
    End user portal
  • Contributed to the design of desktop and mobile web user experiences
  • Contributed to development of the UI (Responsive, Single page app, MVP, E2E testing)
  • Created the enrollment experience on mobile devices (iOS-MDM)
    Management console (not shown here)
  • Overhauled UI technology of management console UI to a Single page MVP app
  • Designed the mobile device, mobile application, policy management pieces of the admin management console
  • Co-architected and developed the newer management console UI
Rapid Prototyping
Responsive Design
Angular JS
Single Page MVP
E2E Testing

VMware Horizon Mobile

VMware Horizon Mobile is mobile virtualization and application wrapping software that lets IT administrators control corporate data and applications on end users' smartphones and tablets.
  • Designed, architected and developed the management console UI
  • Worked closely with product management to iterate over design prototypes
  • Conducted user testing of management console user experience
Rapid Prototyping
Data Visualization
User studies
Adobe Flex
E2E Testing


ARmonica is a 3D audiovisual augmented reality environment in which players can position and edit virtual bars that play sounds when struck by virtual balls launched under the influence of physics. Players experience ARmonica through head-tracked head-worn displays and tracked hand-held ultramobile personal computers, and interact through tracked Wii remotes and touch- screen taps. The goal is for players to collaborate in the creation and editing of an evolving sonic environment. This was exhibited at UIST 2010, New York, NY.
  • Created the first prototype of the application (Ping)
  • Contributed to interaction design of ARmonica
  • Contributed to development of ARmonica
Goblin XNA
ALVAR marker-based camera tracking


How ARmonica started - A fun and engaging way for users to build visual and audio environments.
  • Contributed to ideation, design and development
  • Created unique 'flick' interaction using Hillcrest Lab's loop pointer (see 2:20)
Rapid Prototyping
Goblin XNA
ALVAR marker-based camera tracking

Manipulating 3D objects in AR

An intuitive way to interact with and manipulate objects in Augmented Reality.
  • Explored interaction design patterns for AR
Goblin XNA
ALVAR marker-based camera tracking

UX for Wildlife Photographers

A user experience catering to a wildlife photographer's photo importing, searching and tagging workflow. More info on the process here.
Low fidelity sketch for importing photos
Low fidelity sketch for searching photos
High fidelity wireframe for tagging photos
User Interviews

Columbia Barter

An application to help students barter products and services among themselves in a university social network. The backend was a transaction engine with persistent storage exposing a REST API (written in RoR). The UI was written in Adobe Flex. The following screen-shots show a barter between Shrenik (left) and Suman (right).
Shrenik's view ↓
Shrenik's view of the app
Suman's view ↓
Suman's view of the app
Shrenik initiates a barter by dragging what he wants from the marketplace into his My Barters - in this case, an Xbox 360 Controller being offered by Suman
Meanwhile, Suman is doing his own thing
Barter is about give and take, and so, Shrenik needs to give something to Suman in exchange for his Xbox controller before he can proceed with the transaction. He offers to barter his Fossil watch by dragging it from his 'Items' to his 'Barters'
Suman is still doing his own thing
Shrenik thinks this is fair and initiates the transaction by clicking on the green check mark
Suman really is doing his own thing
Shrenik starts doing his dishes
Suman sees the barter proposal from Shrenik
Shrenik now gets a cup of coffee
Suman doesn't think the barter is fair and wants Shrenik's table fan AND Fossil watch in exchange for his Xbox controller. He drags Shrenik's table fan (either from the market place or Shrenik's items) into the barter
Shrenik checks out whats on TV
Suman clicks the green check mark to take the barter forward
Shrenik sees the change in the barter and thinks about Suman's proposal
Suman is back to doing his own thing
Shrenik thinks this is fair and agrees to Suman's proposal. The barter is complete and the items will be exchanged offline
Suman says goodbye to his Xbox controller
Adobe Flex
UI Design

Political Buzz

An experiment to analyze the sentiment in Twitter tweets featuring political figures using NLP techniques. Tweets are classified as having positive or negative sentiment with an accuracy of ~75%.

Right Here, Right Now

An application to visualize concurrent searches on News and help bring out relationships between related News items. This application was written in Adobe Flex and used the BING Search API for fetching news items.
Screenshot from the app showing news results for multiple searches and highlighting the same article in the different search results
  • Contributed to user experience and development
  • Conducted user studies with low fidelity paper prototypes
Adobe Flex

Where Should I Work

Atypical of on-line job search websites that only match job positions in a database with the job position a user applies for, this application recommends companies a user should work for by considering their interests, academic background and past work experience.
Search Engine Tech

Mobcast, MobileMotion Technologies

MobileMotion’s vision is to enable the widespread use of mobile phones to access content on the Internet, thus truly enabling India’s 300 million-strong mobile user base to participate in the Internet age. MobileMotion's impact will be to accelerate the creation of mobile Internet content in a manner that reaches the widest possible audience and, through our products, make it possible to engage mobile users in ways that go beyond SMS and voice applications. They are now Mobstac.
  • Helped create a proof of concept of the idea
  • Designed a prototype of the product
  • Contributed to architecture and development of a prototype of the product (with the CTO)
Rapid Prototyping

Flickr on Kodak HD Home Theatre

Hillcrest Labs has created the first pointer-based, interactive media system for TV. They enable CE manufacturers, service providers, and internet content companies to deliver the most visually engaging and intuitive way to access, discover, and interact with digital media throughout the home
  • Created the Flickr client app on the Kodak HD Home Theatre
  • Contributed to design and development of core features of Kodak HD Home Theatre
UI Design

Rhapsody on Hillcrest Lab's HōME Interactive Media System

Hillcrest Lab's HōME Interactive Media System showcases their vision of an interactive media system. It is their proof of concept product.
  • Helped prototype interaction design patterns for 'Featured artists'
  • Contributed to development of core features
UI Design
Rapid Prototyping

Mirai-SF at NICT, Japan

Mirai-SF (Mirai Simulation Framework) is a discrete event type large-scale network simulator for simulating various network environments or scenarios on a desktop computer. It is developed in Java by the Wireless Applications Group, NICT.
    Contributed towards development of the following components of Mirai-SF –
  • Media Independent Handover service (IEEE P802.21 D04.00)
  • Ad-hoc On demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing module (RFC 3561)
  • Random Early Detection (RED) algorithm for routing nodes
  • Fast Mobile IPv6 (FMIPv6) with route optimization stack (RFC 3775)
  • Protecting FMIPv6 signaling using IPsec (RFC 3776)
  • ICMPv6 stack (RFC 2463)
  • Wireless propagation models for wireless PHY layer
  • Plug-in framework and plug-ins for Animator
Requirements gathering
Acceptance testing


An application that tracked the motion of a cricket ball and simulated its path using the concepts of motion tracking of rigid objects. The application was written in C on Linux, with a GUI built using QT Designer. The animation of the simulated path of the ball was implemented using OpenGL. I regret not storing screenshots of the application.
UI design

Topology discovery protocol for Network Infection Containment

This project implemented a protocol to dynamically discover events and service-specific changes in a network topology to allow faster threat information distribution. Challenges of faster convergence in case of topology changes, robustness and fault-tolerance were met on Omnet++ simulator. This was executed as an Internship at Cisco Systems, India.